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Picture Frame Art

This is my first D.I.Y post!

I wanted to post something very simple that some one could look at and think “Hey I can do that!”.

I got this idea while shopping around at our local Goodwill.  The picture section at ours had a pretty big selection and all of the pictures look pretty awful, but if you look past the awful pictures, you can look at the awesome frames. These are the four frames I chose:


Only two of them match, and they are not all the exact same size, but look at the price tag…


That is right, I paid $1.oo for each frame! The grand total of my Goodwill purchase was $4.00 for all 4 frames!

Although “Walking with Grandpa” was a very touching story, obviously some Grandpa didn’t want it anymore. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, right?

So I have been wanting to put some artwork on our bedroom walls but artwork can be expensive. I had the idea to spray paint the frames the accent color of our bedroom which is a turquoise/jade color, but I didn’t know what exactly to put into the frames.

One night my husband brought home some burlap from work and I had an idea! Burlap can be shabby chic and this stuff was free so I wanted to put that in my frames and make my own art. And here is my finished product.


I think that it turned out pretty cute! If you want a cheap way to  put some artwork on your wall, try this out and save yourself some money!

Total cost of this D.I.Y. project was $7.67!  You won’t find wall art cheaper than that at the store!


  • 4 cheap picture frames
  • 1 can of spray paint (I use Krylon from Wal-Mart, it is $3.67 there, don’t buy it from a craft store where it is expensive!)
  • burlap to fill the frames
  • a printer with paper
  • sharp razor blade


Take the glass out of our picture frames and spray paint the frames.  I just lay out some newspaper on my back patio and place the frames on top of the newspaper.  It took me about 3 coats to thoroughly cover the frames.  Spray the frames in a back and forth motion with the spray paint and allow the paint to dry completely between each coat of paint.

Then cut out your burlap. I used 8×10 frames so I cut out four 8×10 pieces of burlap.

I made my own stencils by getting on Word and picking out a font that I liked and had it fill up most of the page. The font that I used for this was Goudy Old Style.  Print out one letter per page-I spelled out L-O-V-E. SONY DSC

Using a sharp razor blade trace the outside of the letter.  Your homemade stencil should look like this…


Next, I went outside and using rocks I found laying around to weigh down the paper and then I went to town spraying the burlap with the spray paint.


Allow to dry before removing the stencil.

Now all you have to do is assemble your frames together and hang!


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